Why Beech & Porter ?


Our teas come from higher altitudes in the hills and mountains of Asia. These pristine, and pollution-free growing environments produce the highest quality leaves. Yummy!


Our teas are all made completely by hand. They are hand-picked, sorted by hand, and carefully processed in small batches, without using any machinery. Now, that's artisan tea!


Our team sources the best teas directly from the farmers who grow, harvest and process the tea. We don't deal with middlemen, and neither will you. Taste ultimate freshness!
Trees for Tea

Trees for Tea!

We take great pride in selecting and offering some of the highest-quality teas for your enjoyment. And now, we are proud to announce that we have started Trees for Tea. For every new tea order we receive, we will be plant a tree seedling. We will collect every order and then in the Spring, we […]