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Trees for Tea

Trees for Tea!

We take great pride in selecting and offering some of the highest-quality teas for your enjoyment. And now, we are proud to announce that we have started Trees for Tea. For every new tea order we receive, we will be plant a tree seedling. We will collect every order and then in the Spring, we […]

Save 13 Puer Sale

Save 13% on Pu’er – Four Days Only!

Save 13% on all Pu’er tea for the next four days! If you’ve never tried Pu’er tea before, and are unsure about exactly what the heck it is, check out a few of these videos to learn more about this wonderful, tasty, healthy tonic.

Summer Sale

Summer Sale Starts Now!

Our annual summer sale starts now! Stock up on all of your fave teas during our four day summer sale, and save 20%. No limits. No exceptions. Everything is 20% off. Use coupon code at checkout. Sale ends Saturday at 5:00 PM Eastern.